Road Rage Rims

VERY custom rims! Did these for the publisher of Road Rage Magazine, Jorge.

Mellow Yellow Vette

Beautiful Corvette.. Orange single stripe wrapped around side panels and rear.. Bottom stripe.

Capt. Bill's '52 Ford RatRod Pickup

Capt. Bill’s Land Toy

Finlay's '32 HiBoy V-12

Oh… I should’ve had a V-12!

Valerie's Cadillac

The new 2010 Cadillac CTS.. Sharp orange Lines


Custom Chopper, Custom Lines.

"Fish Tale" Dale's Honda s2000

“Fish Tale” Dale’s Honda s2000

Steam Engines

Antique Steam Engines, 24K Gold Leaf Pinstriping

Blue VW - Go Gators!

Custom bright orange flames and some detail work on this VW.

Dori's Silver Corvette "Baby"

Red fade to Purple on silver.. Corvette